How hackers can steal your identity when using public WiFi

How hackers can steal your identity when using public WiFi


The Internet is an increasingly hostile environment.  DKBInnovative’s extensive background both as an integrator and consumer of wireless technology makes it possible to offer expert consulting support for a broad range of wireless applications. Our expert “ethical” hacker Randy Haba recently partnered with NBC 5 Responds to show just how easy a Hacker can steal your identity when using public WiFi.  Whether on your laptop, smart phone or tablet, be smart. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • When a free WiFi connections is requesting account information for access, like facebook or credit card info, this should be a red flag. It could be a fake, man-in-the-middle type attack like we demonstrated on your news clip with NBC 5. Don’t enter that account info!


  • Use free WiFi alternatives, like tethering to a phone.


  • Use different passwords for your accounts – social media, email, amazon, bank, and credit card logins should all have different passwords so a single compromised password doesn’t result in major identity theft or worse.


  • Don’t use public WiFi to view or transmit any sensitive information (ie. checking bank and credit card statements, and shopping online should be avoided).


  • If you do need to purchase WiFi (like on a plane) use a credit card instead of a debit card. In the case of credit card theft, it’s better to untangle fraudulent credit charges than dealing with an empty bank account and bill due.

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