Welcome to The Cloud

“The Cloud” refers to computer functions that are not done locally on your servers, your office work stations, or on the small devices like phones, tablets, etc. The demand for local apparatuses has decreased because of cloud computing, and The Cloud can offer reduced costs and access to a greater range of services and resources. That’s it—no mystery, no complication.


When users access the cloud, computing resources such as processing power, system information, and storage are handled offsite at third-party data centers that a user’s local machine or device connects to.


These data centers are often massive in size and scale, with an infrastructure capable of offering computing resources far beyond those that can be achieved on a local machine for a comparable price.


Having a strong and secure network is important, but the cost of managing it in-house can be tremendous. Why waste cash on capital IT investments when a monthly subscription is available? We offer a solution that is both effective and affordable.


Migrating to the cloud has never been easier. To get your business started with cloud computing, or to simply get more information, contact us today, and our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Services That We Offer

Email Services Secure, hassle-free & encryted email services

Migrate to Office 365 with our Microsoft Silver Cloud certified team, or let DKB bring email continuity to your MS Exchange environment.

Network Design Implementing an efficient network

We will work within your budget to help you create a more secure and efficient network.

Server Services Preparing you for future growth

We will help make your business scalable and flexible. Our services include mobile integration and launching new application and technologies.

Cloud Services & Hosting Dallas cloud services include

Fast web hosting, server consolidation, and cloud migration services, data backup and recovery, application security services, virtualization, high-density computing, active directory domain design, blade technology, and administration and managed server services.

Database Administration Covering your interface and database needs

Our certified DBAs design, edit, and secure mission critical databases and complex storage architecture on MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres and MySQL. From HL7 to XML we have your interface and database needs covered.

Performance Management Management within reach

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be daunting. With DKBinnovative, we ensure that the process is as easy as possible and that you get the most out of your IT budget.

Our Certifications

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