Selecting Your Next Healthcare IT Partner

Selecting Your Next Healthcare IT Partner


In 2016, the top five reasons for outsourcing IT were enhanced security, proactive approach to technology, maximizing operations, access to newer technologies and cost savings. As a healthcare provider, finding a technology service provider with Healthcare experience is also vital for you.


Per Omnibus federal law, your technology provider must not only sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) but must have an in-house HIPAA compliance program similar to you the Covered Entity.  They should protect your PHI and maintain HIPAA, HITECH and HB300 compliance for your organization be bonded with an E&O, general liability, and cyber policy that covers ePHI data breach.

Not just any IT service provider will do. Here are questions to help you evaluate whether your current provider or outsourcing provider is the right prescription for you:


What customized support programs will be offered?

Is service customized based on your business requirements, not the “Silver, Gold, Platinum” one size fits all package.  You want the “right” package, not anything less than their very best.


How would they create a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan for you? 

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are a key part of technology management– they should be able to describe their process to identify your unique needs.


How will they keep you informed?

Do they send you automated reports or will they have someone meet with you on a regular basis? Do they have a well-planned process around identifying & communicating risks?


How will you and your provider measure success? Response time and absence of downtime should not be the only factors.  Is there quantified success criteria tied to productivity?


How is their team structured?

World class IT can’t have proactive and reactive support people in the same roles.  A firefighter that practices prevention will always be consumed with putting out fires. Your provider should be staffed with 50-80% proactive roles dedicated to preventing problems.


What is their process to ensure your network is compliant with industry accepted best practices.

This should be a documented process that is completed on a regular basis, not just a reactive series of site visits.


How frequently will an inventory of technology assets be reviewed, updated, and what is the process to maintain documentation?

It’s important that they can articulate processes and systems built around capturing and maintaining documentation. Is it always current and readily available? Is there a repeatable process in place to manage risks?


Choosing a provider with strong business acumen is key to security, operations, savings and ability to resource new technologies. Choosing a technology partner that understands your business is a vital prescription to success.


At DKBInnovative, we love what we do. We would be happy to visit with you to learn more about your business and help evaluate if outsourcing is beneficial for you. Call us at (469) 828-2468.

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