Compliance Risk

Cyber Security and privacy threats have become increasingly sophisticated and insidious, and they present new challenges daily. Regulatory expectations continue to evolve to meet these requirements and require that compliance efforts keep pace.


Many of our clients require compliance because of legal requirements for their industry or client demand.  With malicious and opportunistic cyber attacks as constant threats, IT teams are expected to protect the enterprise AND maintain stability, but does your IT team understand the requirements or what the law requires?  Do they have the tools, processes, and expertise necessary to maintain these standards?  Do they have the time and expertise?


Technology alone WILL NOT protect you.


Who is guiding your internal data security policies and educating personnel on how to prevent breaches and ransomware? Are they also guiding you to comply with the appropriate regulations?  DKBinnovative finds vulnerabilities, defends you from attack and brings command over compliance.




At DKBinnovative, we make compliance an active, living part of the organization. We build a culture that can detect and prevent issues. This is a continuous process to be monitored, maintained, and nurtured in the context of governance, risk, and compliance management. Today’s organizations require integrated compliance risk management strategies, best implemented by experts who also understand cyber  security.


DKBinnovative’s Managed Security Services bring compliance and cyber security defenses together to identify risks and protect against both non-compliance and advanced attacks.

DKBinnovative helps clients meet and maintain compliance in the following:

  • NIST
  • ITAR
  • ISO 27001 / 27002
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • GDPR
  • SOC 2
  • GPG13
  • And requirements imposed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Our Capabilities Include

Compliance Risk Management

Technology to manage compliance risk surveys, assessments, and related risk information; report, analyze and model risk of compliance and ethics.

Regulatory change management

Technology to track, document and manage regulatory changes and their business impact.

Learning and training management

Technology to communicate and document training programs related to compliance – includes delivery of training, testing of attendees, and maintenance of training records.

Policy and Procedure Management

Technology that maintains policy lifecycle management across development, maintenance, communication and attestation. Provides a robust audit trail and content management capability to ensure policies are current and communicated.

Investigations Management

Technology that enables incident management, facilitates collaboration, and documents investigation processes. The ability to record the range of issues reported from all mechanisms, actions taken, and results of the investigation.

Issue Reporting and Hotlines

Technology that makes it easy for individuals to report issues and non-compliance, including a system to document reports made directly to all levels of management.

Survey and Assessment

Technology that delivers a consistent experience for conducting compliance surveys and assessments

Benchmarking, Metrics and Dashboarding

Technology that produces reports of assurance to management that compliance is not only designed properly but also operating properly to address compliance risks in a dynamic business environment assure executives and the board that their fiduciary obligations for compliance are being met.

Due Diligence Management

Technology that facilitates due diligence efforts to validate the hiring of the right people and partnering with ethical vendors that share the same commitment to compliance and corporate values.

Forms Automation and Processing

Technology that creates and automates forms to manage processes such as interactions for gifts, entertainment, and facilitated payments through online forms, plus workflows for approval/disapproval.

Compliance Program/Project Management

Technology that brings compliance risk management together in a cohesive system to manage compliance activities, metrics, and reports. All compliance management personnel and employees should have access to the system and see the relevant tasks that pertain to their job.

Whether for a department compliance management need, or to manage enterprise compliance across the organization, DKBinnovative compliance management solutions will be a differentiator for you.

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