From Me To You About Ransomware: It’s Serious

From Me To You About Ransomware: It’s Serious


Ransomware can happen to you. In the time it takes to open an attachment, all your company data can be seized, and then you have a choice to make. Do you pay the money to get your data back and if so, has it been copied and/or compromised? How much time do you have to try to do something? How many clients could you lose when they learn you’ve been hacked, or worse yet, how much misery will this hack cause those people who entrusted you with their personal information?

I saw a recent study that showed that cyber crime, data breaches and IT failure were the top three significant risks for today’s business owners. These possibilities are what I think about all day every day in my business—it’s my job to stop all of this from happening to my clients. To that end, my colleagues at DKBInnovative and I spend a lot of time researching and testing and authenticating ways to prevent malware from taking your business down. We want to know all the up-to-the-minute methods that can protect your network from an invasion. We want to know that we have all the layers of security in place, but we also want to have you prepared on how to respond and what actions can be taken.

DKBInnovative believes in a Cisco product called Open DNS Umbrella, which is not a traditional anti-virus tool. When ransomware invades your network it is programmed to “phone home” back to the bad guys to get an encryption key to use to lock down your data. Open DNS Umbrella intercepts this cyber phone call, and the encryption process is stymied. As your IT manager we are alerted that this attack is in progress, but because it has been stalled then we can go to work to eliminate the threat altogether and the crisis is averted. This is one key component in a comprehensive security strategy we help our clients create.

So, from me to you—if you’re not sure what you currently have in place in your network security to prevent ransomware from capturing your company data and demanding money for its release, reach out and let’s talk about it. It’s easy money for the bad guys and we know it’s not going away. I’ll watch your back and you continue to grow your business, and we both get to do what we love best. I’m happy to help you.

Stay safe out there!


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