Life happens. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Life happens. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?


Please offer your prayers for Officer Keith D. Bartlett, Lorretta Bartlett, and their five children. Their home in Era, TX caught fire the evening of 12/12/16 and was completely lost.  Contents–including Christmas gifts, clothes, appliances, furniture, and sadly their dog Chico—are gone.

Have you set up a Disaster Recovery Plan for your business? Life happens. This week I was sadly reminded of the importance of having a plan. In the blink of an eye tragedy can strike and everything can be lost. It’s easy to put these plans in place for our clients. They love the peace of mind. But I know for every company that is properly prepared, there are another 10 who aren’t. Family plans are equally important.

Last week the Bartlett Family of North Texas lost their home in a devastating fire. While my heart sank, knowing this family has 5 kids and a long journey ahead, I knew my team at DKBInnovative could help in this crisis. I immediately set up a GoFundMe account to rally support, and within 48 hours we had raised over $34,000 online, not to mention donations collected by the church and police department working together.

Residential fires are devastating both literally and emotionally. Greater than the loss of shelter and safety are the irreplaceable items that represent your family memories, like photo albums, furniture, art, books and documents. Our team of experts is working to salvage as many documents and photos as possible from the family’s damaged hard drive. We are blessed to be able to do what we can to take a little burden from Officer Bartlett’s family in their time of need this holiday season.

As a business owner I believe giving is good for our community, our employees and our hearts. We care. We work hard to be great business neighbors and to provide great service for our clients, and every now and then, to a great family like the Bartletts. If you too would like to contribute to the Bartlett family, please donate here.

The American Red Cross has a great checklist for picking up the pieces after a fire. Click here to download your own copy. Taking time to plan for disaster should be on your security checklist. If your business needs a disaster recovery plan, our team at DKB is ready to help.

Is your company doing something to make a difference this December? We would love to hear your stories.


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