From Me To You: If Your Business Depends On The Internet, Know This

From Me To You: If Your Business Depends On The Internet, Know This


How costly is it these days to have your internet go down? How impatient are we all when we see “No Service” showing on our smartphones? In today’s business, our consistent connection to the world has become a necessity—and it didn’t take the bad guys long to figure out how to take advantage of that dependence.

“RAA” appears similar to any old ransomware scam. It shows up in your inbox as an email attachment. Once opened, it will scan your computer for spreadsheets, documents, and any business-related files. It locks what it finds with top-notch encryption, then you get a note in Russian demanding that you transfer $250 to RAA’s developer in exchange for the “key” to unlock your files. What makes RAA different is that it was written entirely in something call ed JavaScript, which is computer code normally meant to run inside the web, in browsers and web apps. Does it seem like an odd choice for a program designed to infect personal computers? RAA unfortunately succeeds because, in the interest of being tightly connected with the web, Windows computers allow JavaScript to run right on their PCs

 Windows allows this by default, because having a device tightly integrated with the web is otherwise incredibly useful and powerful. Our immediate future is already filling up with cars, business electronics, home appliances, even clothing connected via the Web. IT experts call this the Internet of Things. RAA exploits our growing reliance on web-connected technology, for example ransomware could infect a retail business’s cash registers and lock them down until a criminal is paid. Malware designed to target commercial vehicles could shut down a whole web-connected shipping fleet. A criminal could threaten to take over web-connected factory equipment and ruin millions of dollars in materials.

This is not science fiction. Every day we learn of the latest and greatest must-have device that functions through the worldwide web. It’s only a matter of time before criminals find a way to exploit all of them.

What are best practices? Have an IT company that is absolutely on top of today’s newest cyber threats. DKBInnovative is constantly learning both what to look for and how to intercept and/or neutralize threats to your company’s productivity.DKBInnovative is fierce when it comes to prevention, and that’s why we study every day about the newest threats that may soon come our way. We want to know them and know how to defeat them before they show up in our clients’ networks. But you must also always have a contingency plan in case you are infected. Have a reliable backup system in place for your business’s files and equipment configurations. If you can restore mission-critical documents or reset your equipment with a clean configuration, then the criminals have no leverage with which to extort you, and you’re back up and running that much faster.

If you are not sure you’ve done enough to protect all your hard work growing your business, call us and we will talk you through this ransomware phenomenon. We are happy to help you.

Stay safe out there!


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